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 Seeking Employment
 Member/Schedule  Desired Location  Phone/Email
Mark Alvarado
  Project or interim assignments
Southern California p: 626-705-4086
Scott Arbuckle
p: 562-413-4858
Richard Arrow
  Full/Part Time and Project
Northern/Southern CA p: 916-626-1645
Raymond Beeman
p: 310-217-9502
Michael Blazenski
  Project; full-time; part time
California p: 909-450-1754
Irwin Bornstein
  Special Projects
Southern CA (Orange County preferred) p: 949-910-5617
Barbara Boswell
California p: 661-510-0425
Misty Cheng
  Interim, contract assignments
Southern CA p: 925-963-9996
David Culver
  Interim, Full Time or Project
Santa Cruz & Santa Clara Counties p: 831-444-1818
Dennis Danner
  Full-time or Project
Los Angeles or Orange County p: 562-229-8152
Mellie Deano
  Project or interim position
Open p: 916-541-5142
John Downs
  Interim and Special Projects
Greater Los Angeles and Orange Counties p: 310-617-6921
Dewey Evans
Monterey County p: (831) 644-0922
Bradley Grant
  Interim or Special Projects
Central Valley Preferred p: 209-357-3857
Rodney Greek
San Diego County p: 760-809-0681
Pamela Greer
p: 805-385-7499
Andrew Hamilton
  CPA - Interim/Project/FT work
Southern California -also Northern CA/AZ p: 949-463-9491
Susan Hartman
  Interim, part-time or Project
Los Angeles or Orange County p: 714-325-7781
Arvinda Krishnan
Solano, Napa, Contra Costa Counties p: 707-631-9326
Nancy Lassey
p: 951-674-3124x215
Anita Lawrence
p: 805-218-0275
Shally Lin
  Full-time at PERS max, projects
Los Angeles County, Orange County p: 310-488-0689
Dean Martin
  Interim Full or Part Time
Southern California p: 909-549-8663
Russell Morreale
  full time availability
silicon valley of monterey county p: 650-739-5192
Francis Ngure
  Interim, Part-Time and Projects
California p: 510-415-0614
Joe Nocella
  Full-time, Part-time, Interim or Project
Southern California area p: 805-490-0892
Antonio Onorato
p: 925-405-2010
Rajneil Prasad
p: 916-617-5021
James Riley
  Full-time,part-time, project
San Diego, Inland Empire, Orange p: 909-260-6830
Charles Smith, Jr.
  Interim, part time, project
Southern California p: 951-653-8811
Bill Statler
  Special Projects or Interim Assignments
Statewide p: 805-544-5838
Robert Torrez
Californa p: 562-715-7928
Agnes Walker
  temporary/special projects
Los Angeles or Orange County p: 310-320-7726
Jim Walker
  Part-time, special projects, interim
Los Angeles County p: 310-756-8046
Scott Williams
  Interim, Part-Time and Projects
Greater Los Angeles Area - Inland Empire p: 562-989-7319
 Available Soon
 Member/Schedule  Desired Location  Phone/Email
Elizabeth Andrew
  Special projects/technical assistance
Preferably Orange County Area p: 714-337-8525
Yujun Du
East Bay Area p: 707-374-6310
Sheila McCrory
Open p: 650-587-7300
Benjamin Miller
  Interim / project/ full time/ part time
Northern California p: 760-607-9117
L. Patrick Samsell
  full or Part Time
Preferably within 50 miles of home p: 209-473-4725
Tony Sandhu
  Special projects or interim assignments
Northern California p: 510-409-2568
Madeline Smith
  Full-Time / Monday - Friday
County of San Diego p: 619-390-2350x07
David Spilman
  Special Projects or short term interim
Northern California p: 707-975-5062
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