Job: Finance Director/City Treasurer
 Job Title:  Finance Director/City Treasurer
 Position Type:  Full-Time
 Compensation/Salary:  $78,448.20 - 97,738.14 + Benefits
 Job Code:  JTL6769
 Posted On:  10 Aug 2017
 Deadline:  DEADLINE EXTENDED: Tuesday October 10, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.
 Company/Agency:  City of Willits
 Job Category:  CFO-Finance Dir-Asst's
 Location:  Willits, CA 
 Job Description
  The Finance Director/City Treasurer serves as the City’s primary financial officer and is responsible for executive leadership. This position works under the general direction of the City Manager to plan, direct, manage, organize, and supervise all accounting, financial, and treasury matters.This position is responsible for ensuring short and long-range financial and budgetary planning, preparation, and reporting is conducted in accordance with governmental accounting and auditing, and financial reporting (GAAFR) principles. Management includes analyzing, developing, and recommending policies, procedures, and process improvements, for accounting systems, internal controls, and city-wide practices. This is an at-will, executive classification, which serves at the pleasure of the City Manager.

• Plan, organize, and direct all details of the City’s financial operations, including short term and long-
range financial planning, operating and capital budget management, accounting, payroll, debt
financing, lease-purchase programs, banking and investment management, purchasing, utility
billing/collections, licensing, and financial grant management.
• Plan, organize, and direct all details of the City’s treasury and cash management activities, including
overseeing tax administration activities, banking services, disbursement activities, and investments.
Management shall ensure activities are conducted in a manner that is in accordance with the budget,
all applicable laws and regulations, and in a manner that emphasizes the safety of principal, liquidity,
and return.
• Direct and participate in the development and implementation of fiscal policies, objectives and
• Plan, organize, and direct the investments of the City, associate agencies, and commissions.
• Prepare and present for approval to the Willits City Council, an annual budget, inclusive of full scale expenditures, income, salaries and benefits, individual departmental budgets, applicable financial plans, and other business documents as may be required from time to time.
• Manage and oversee adopted budget, by implementing continuous financial audit and control systems, to monitor the performance of the City, its flow of funds, adherence to the budget, including the monitoring of anticipated revenues, collections, and expenditures.
• Prepare and supervise the preparation of financial reports to State and Federal agencies as required.
• Timely, regularly, and duly, prepare and present to the City Manager and City Council, budget performance reports and financial statements as required by all pertinent laws and regulations, and as deemed necessary from time to time by the City Manager and City Council.
• Alert the City Manager and City Council of any irregularity, lack of compliance, lack of adherence, lacunas and problems, whether actual or potential, concerning the financial systems, financial operations, financing plans, accounting, audits, budgets and any other matter of a financial nature or which could or does have a financial implication.
• Fully computerize and oversee the technology performance of all the above activities in a combined hardware-software and communications system which integrates with the other systems and departments city-wide.
• Review and/or direct the activities of outside product suppliers, service suppliers, contracts, and grants, to ensure that expenditure activity is conducted in accordance with contract terms, purchasing procedures, grant terms and conditions, accepted municipal purchasing procedures, and sound internal controls.
• Develop and maintain positive productive working relationships with vendors, service providers, banks, financial institutions, and capital markets with the aim of securing the funds necessary for the operations of the City and the attainment of its developmental goals and objectives.
• Manage fixed asset inventory system.
• Directs and manages the City’s accounting and bookkeeping systems and processes to ensure compliance with all reporting and accounting requirements and in preparation for and in response to,all audit requirements and annual audit process.
• Prepare or direct the preparation of fund balance projections and perform other budget-related functions as assigned.
• Administer transient occupancy tax and business license programs.
• Research, analyze, prepare cost benefit analysis, and recommend alternatives for financing, City services, and capital projects, and advise the City Manager as appropriate.
• Analyze Federal, State and Local legislation, to determine fiscal impact on the City.
• Prepare or supervise the preparation of financial reports to State and Federal agencies.
• Assist City Manager, or designee, in contract negotiations through development of strategies and preparation of relevant financial information.
• Analyze and develop recommendations on utility user fees and other charges for service as related to City costs.
• Manage the financial reporting functions for the city, associate agencies, and commissions.
• Administer assessment districts, special tax measures, bond issues, grant programs, and other indebtedness programs.

• Principles and practices of public finance administration, including accounting and auditing
procedures, short and long-range financial forecasting, projections, analysis, fiscal reporting, and
revenue and expenditure monitoring and reporting programs.
• Principles of governmental operating and capital budgeting.
• Principles of municipal organization, administration, budgeting, and purchasing.
• Local, State, and Federal laws and administrative regulations that affect municipal finance
• Cash management and investment principals.
• Principals of civic involvement and responsibility.
• Principals of technology systems and / or software as they relate to financial data.

Ability to:
•Plan, organize, delegate, supervise, monitor, and evaluate the Finance Department functions and the work of the associated staff.
•Analyze and evaluate administrative and abstract accounting concepts and procedures.
•Devise new and/or revise existing policies and procedures to adapt to internal and external policy changes or legal mandates.
•Anticipate procedural or programmatic changes and select and assemble appropriate training materials for staff.
•Produce and manage the production of various comprehensive fiscal reports.
•Prepare or oversee the preparation and compilation of budgetary requirements to ensure completion of annual projected and adopted budgets.
•Read and understand contractual language.
•Understand and apply a wide range of Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations related to government fiscal operations.
•Analyze and interpret fiscal performance data, determine cash flow needs, and manage investments of City funds.
•Prepare and present accurate financial forecasts, inclusive of expenditures and revenues for inventory, equipment, projects, delivery timeliness, labor, and benefits.
•Analyze and evaluate financial matters and exercise independent judgment in resolving issues.
•Develop and/or implement the installation of automated systems and procedures.
•Develop methods for compilation and preparation of financial reports and statistical statements.
•Understand and utilize data processing and specialized accounting operations in developing and/or revising departmental and related citywide policies and procedures.
•Evaluate and interpret auditing, statistical, and legal reports and documents.

A Bachelor’s degree, from an accredited four–year college or university, in accounting, finance, business administration, or other closely related field; and

5 or more years of progressively responsible experience in municipal government finance. The City Manager may, at his/her discretion, elect to relax the educational requirements
 Job Contact
 Contact Name:  Karen Stevenson  Primary Phone:  707-459-7176
 Title:  HR Analyst  Fax:  707-459-1562
 Company/Agency:  City of Willits  Email:
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