Job: Utility Rate & Policy Specialist I/II/III
 Job Title:  Utility Rate & Policy Specialist I/II/III
 Position Type:  Full-Time
 Compensation/Salary:  $102,666 - $153,217 Dependent on Level
 Job Code:  JEW3801
 Posted On:  07 Feb 2013
 Deadline:  February 28, 2012
 Company/Agency:  City of Los Angeles, Office of Public Accountability
 Job Category:  Some Other Job Category
 Location:  Los Angeles, CA 
 Job Web Site:
 Job Description
  In March 2011, the City of Los Angeles voters approved the creation of the Office of Public Accountability (OPA) that functions as the Ratepayper Advocate and provides independent public review of water and power rates of the Department of Water and Power. The Utility Rates & Policy Specialist is a newly created classification series within the OPA. Positions in the Utility Rates & Policy Specialist class series are responsible for advising the Executive Director/Ratepayer Advocate for the Office of Public Accountability on water and power related policy, strategy, management, and operations issues, and the related water or power rate and service impacts that could have effect on the DWP ratepayers, public, or the City. Positions in this series represent the Executive Director in discussions with the Mayor, City Council, Neighborhood Councils, and the public. A brief overview of the classification levels is provided below:

• Utility Rates & Policy Specialist III ($123,317 - $153,217) – This position will supervise or act as a lead worker over staff performing and communicating the work of the OPA. The position at this class level is expected to have extensive and comprehensive knowledge of the operations, policies, procedures, and budgeting/budget analysis principles used in the development, application, and review of utility rates. This position may regularly “stand-in” for the Ratepayer Advocate in hearings and presentations.

• Utility Rates & Policy Specialist II (two positions) ($108,033 - $134,216) – Positions at this classification level would have a good working knowledge of and experience in utility rate development, application, and analysis as well as industry trends, regulations, regulatory agency policies/procedures, and forecasting. OPA is seeking capability in both water and power, but an applicant need not have experience in both areas. Both depth and breadth of analytical capability and experience are important in these roles.

• Utility Rates & Policy Specialist I ($102,666 - $127,555) – This level is responsible for communications activities. Positions at this class level would possess a basic understanding of utility rate development, application, and analysis. Roles would include community outreach, coordination with Council offices, and media relations, both traditional and new media.

The minimum requirements for entry into this classification series are a Bachelor’s degree and three (3) years of professional experience in a utility or regulatory entity, with emphasis on financial analysis and/or management. Experience requirements increase for each level within the series. Candidates are encouraged to submit cover letter, resume and supporting materials to The closing dates for submittal of interest are:

Utility Rates & Policy Specialist III Friday, February 15, 2013
Utility Rates & Policy Specialist II Thursday, February 28, 2013
Utility Rates & Policy Specialist I Thursday, February 28, 2013
Confidential inquiries encouraged to Heather Renschler at (916) 630-4900.
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 Contact Name:  Heather Renschler  Primary Phone:  (916) 630-4900
 Title:  President/CEO  Fax:  (916) 630-4911
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