Job: Accounting Manager
 Job Title:  Accounting Manager
 Position Type:  Full-Time
 Compensation/Salary:  $74,356.37 - $99,644.64 Annually
 Job Code:  JJD3700
 Posted On:  15 Nov 2012
 Deadline:  January 4, 2013
 Company/Agency:  Costa Mesa Sanitary District
 Job Category:  Accntng-Audit-Controller
 Location:  Costa Mesa, CA 
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 Job Description
  This position works under the direction of the General Manager and is expected to carry out financial assignments with only minimal supervision. The Accounting Manager is a professionally competent team leader who works well with others and generates a feeling of trust and confidence. This team leader solicits the compliance of others with budget policy guidelines and accounting principles in a tactful and diplomatic manner, while demonstrating flexibility wherever possible. This person enjoys complex and challenging assignments which test the performer’s analytical and financial management skills and orientation to detail.  
 Job Contact
 Contact Name:  Human Resources  Primary Phone:  949-645-8400
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 Company/Agency:  Costa Mesa Sanitary District  Email: 
 Location:  Costa Mesa, CA  Contact Web Site: