Job: Supervising Accountant
 Job Title:  Supervising Accountant
 Position Type:  Full-Time
 Compensation/Salary:  83699.20-101961.60
 Job Code:  JGM4215
 Posted On:  14 Nov 2013
 Deadline:  December 3, 2013
 Company/Agency:  San Jose
 Job Category:  Accntng-Audit-Controller
 Location:  San Jose, CA 
 Job Web Site:
 Job Description
  Position and Duties

The City of San José Finance Department currently has a vacant Supervising Accountant position in the Payroll Division. Under general supervision from the Program Manager, this Supervising Accountant manages the payroll team which includes six employees, 3 direct reports including a Senior Accountant with 3 reports, an Accountant and an Accounting Clerk. This position may also provide management oversight of the City's Accounts Payable function. Succession planning is a key management objective in the Finance Department which may provide advancement opportunities.

With a gross City annual payroll of over $425 million, this position will manage all aspects of the City's payroll process including the generation of 6,500 bi-weekly paychecks and all related finance payroll processes and associated accounting entries ensuring they are accurately recorded in the City's General Ledger for the preparation of financial reports. The accurate and timely monitoring of these items affects all department personnel budgets. Responsibilities also include communicating issues and organizational changes related to the payroll processes in City publications, Finance websites, and payroll training programs, as well as ensuring compliance with the requirements of the City's 11 bargaining unit agreements, defining and documenting system changes, and working with the Information Technology Department to implement changes required in the Oracle PeopleSoft HR / Payroll System.

The essential duties of a Supervising Accountant position may include:

- Manages accounting staff at various levels to maintain the Oracle PeopleSoft Payroll System and produce payroll for approximately 6,500 active employees from the time captures processes to the distribution of pay statements and direct deposit.

- Ensures the maintenance and timely production of payroll, accounting and reporting functions from varied accounting sections, which provide information for management and accounting control in compliance with Charter requirements and City Administration's needs.

- Analyzes union contract agreements, government regulations, legislation and ordinances; designs, coordinates and maintains accounting / payroll systems and procedures which ensure compliance to accounting control and existing law.

- Participates heavily in the HR / Payroll coordination activities along with Human Resources, Information Technology Department biweekly, Fiscal year-end and Calendar year-end processes

- Communicates Payroll related procedural changes and deadlines to all City departments and employees

- Manages resources to ensure compliance to City policy and timely completion of critical accounting processes.

- Ensure compliance to IRS and State of California tax and labor codes.

- Develops and maintains City Policies related directly to the Finance Payroll processes and procedures.

- Reviews all payroll General ledger transactions for proper accounting treatment for financial reporting according to the Governmental Accounting Standards Boards (GASB).

- Communicates issues and directs organizational changes related to the payroll process to departments using email, City publications, Finance websites, payroll training programs, and formal letters.

- Leads systems implementation teams to define functional financial and payroll requirements, document procedures, develop testing scenarios and defining system test results.

- Documents system changes related to the Oracle PeopleSoft Payroll system, and clearly communicating requirements to Information Technology for implementation.

- Management oversight of the City's Accounts Payable function.

- Performing special duties as assigned.

- Cooperates with other City departments in the development of, and oversees documentation and implementation of fiscal policies and procedures related to payroll.

- Coordinates and participates in implementation of annual financials, and various special audits with external auditors, and the City Auditor's Office.
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