Job: Finance Director
 Job Title:  Finance Director
 Position Type:  Full-Time
 Compensation/Salary:  $7,961-$9,677 monthly
 Job Code:  JJD3690
 Posted On:  02 Nov 2012
 Deadline:  01/07/2013
 Company/Agency:  City of Cotati, CA
 Job Category:  CFO-Finance Dir-Asst's
 Location:  Cotati, CA 
 Job Web Site:
 Job Description
  The City of Cotati (population 7,500) is surrounded by beautiful vistas of hills, vineyards, majestic oaks and red woods. The City is currently seeking a Finance Director who is a highly qualified and enthusiastic person. The ideal candidate will have exceptional communication skills and a strong desire to provide superior services to both internal and external customers. The City values professionalism, responsiveness, accessibility to the public, a customer-service orientation, transparency and innovation. They take a team-oriented, collaborative approach to how they do business. The position requires a Bachelor’s degree in public administration, business administration or a related field, along with five (5) years experience in financial management, including at least two years in a management to supervisory capacity. The salary range for the incoming Finance Director is $7,961-$9,677 monthly and is dependent upon qualifications. The City also offers an attractive benefits package. If you are interested in this outstanding opportunity, please apply online at Please contact Mr. Bob Murray or Ms. Di Smith at (916) 784-9080 should you have any questions. Brochure available. Closing date January 7, 2013.  
 Job Contact
 Contact Name:  Bob Murray or Di Smith  Primary Phone:  916-784-9080
 Title:  Bob Murray & Associates  Fax: 
 Company/Agency:  City of Cotati, CA  Email:
 Location:  Roseville, CA  Contact Web Site: