Job: Financial Services Manager
 Job Title:  Financial Services Manager
 Position Type:  Full-Time
 Compensation/Salary:  $9,898 - $12,031 per month
 Job Code:  JAN7417
 Posted On:  02 Jul 2018
 Deadline:  Open until closed
 Company/Agency:  City of South San Francisco
 Job Category:  Admin-Budget-Financial
 Location:  South San Francisco, CA 
 Job Web Site:
 Job Description
  Definition Under general direction, performs responsible management, administrative and technical duties; oversees/manages the General Ledger and all subsidiary ledgers; supervises various work units of the Finance department on a day-to-day basis as assigned by department head, (such as business license, payroll, or budget); functions as department head in the absence of the department head; and does related work as required.  

Distinguishing Characteristics This classification is distinguished from all other professional accountant classes by its management and supervisory responsibilities, and by the expectation that an incumbent in this classification has a highly developed analytical capability to review the general ledger and other accounting records at both a high level and by researching the details. Incumbents at this classification would be able to fill in for the Department Head as needed. Ability to review and improve internal controls, set workplans for subordinates, and monitor progress. 

Typical and Important Duties

1. Assists in the development and implementation of departmental policies, goals, and objectives. 

2. Plans, directs, reviews and coordinates work performed by departmental work units, as assigned, including, at a minimum, general ledger/accounting, payroll, business license, mail delivery, records retention, purchasing, treasury, and may also include budget.  

3. Coordinates and oversees information systems activities performed by contract staff. 

4. Participates in the performance of professional duties in connection with accounting operations, including reviewing and improving internal controls, procedures, maintenance and year-end closing of the general ledger; audits; and preparation of the annual financial report. 

5. Prepares revenue projections and assists in the budget process; participates in budget review meetings, development of applicable rate information, provides technical support to departments, and ensures that proposed changes to the budget are entered into the computerized budget system. 

6. Reviews and approves all purchase orders, ensuring conformance with applicable policies and procedures. 

7. Supervises staff assigned, including scheduling, assigning, prioritizing, and reviewing work; training and evaluating staff; approving time off; and developing effective recommendations on all employee actions. 

8. Develops record maintenance systems, procedures, and training necessary for maintaining   effective liaison with other City departments.

9. Serves as department head in the absence of the director, including attending and participating in City Council and department head meetings. 

10. Serves on City and inter-agency committees 

11. Plans, organizes, evaluates, trains, directs or performs, if required, the work of accountants in the various systems. 

12. Analyzes existing accounting procedures and prepares recommendations for their revision when necessary. 

13. Ensures accuracy and timely submittal of special accounting records for City, State and Federal grant programs; prepares related reports and reimbursement claims. 

14. Ensures the maintenance of City’s bank account records and related documents. 

15. Ensures proper maintenance of the City’s fixed asset system. 

16. Oversees the development and installation of accounting and fiscal procedures and internal controls and methods, monitors and evaluates those procedures and methods, and recommends changes when needed. 

17. Assures completion of work in a timely and accurate manner. 

18. Assigns and reviews work of staff. 

19. Manages the annual independent financial audit and special audits by other governmental agencies, and takes a lead role in overseeing the work of other finance staff in meeting audit and year-end financial reporting deadlines. 

20. Manages the implementation of audit findings with operating departments, including collaboratively developing improved financial procedures. 

21. Manages the work of professional accounting staff. 

22. Prepares or assists in preparation of performance evaluations of assigned staff. 

23. Manages operations with other divisions or City departments. 

24. Attend meetings and make presentations to management and City Council. 

25. Prepare staff reports that communicate financial results in a manner that can be understood by laypersons. 

26. Perform other duties as assigned. 

Job-related Qualifications Knowledge of:

• Generally accepted accounting principles, fund accounting as related to governmental accounting.

• Cost accounting principles. • Ability to grasp the big picture financially from looking at financial data and able to explain that financial information to a non-accountant clearly, either verbally or in writing.

• Ability to analyze financial information for trends, deviations, problems, and recommend a course of action to correct.

• General applications of information technology systems to accounting and analysis.

• Concepts and techniques of costing services and/or products.

• Principles, methods and practices of municipal finance.

• Budgeting, purchasing and fiscal record keeping.

• Principles of management, supervision, training, and employee development.

• Principles and practices of public administration and human resources as applied to function, including basic employee-relations concepts.

• Principles of financial administration, including budgeting and reporting.

• Applicable laws and regulations.

• Computer systems and their applications to fiscal analysis and record keeping.

Ability to:

• Acquire a thorough knowledge of applicable City policies and department procedures.

• Analyze and/or prepare complex financial statements, reports, and analyses.

• Develop and implement accounting procedures and systems.

• Effectively supervise assigned personnel.

• Interpret and accurately apply rules and regulations regarding accounting, purchasing and auditing practices.

• Evaluate internal controls and modify procedures if needed.

• Prepare clear and effective financial, statistical, and narrative reports, correspondence, informational materials, policies, procedures, and other written materials.

• Communicate effectively in writing, orally, and with others to assimilate, understand, and convey information, in a manner consistent with job functions.

• Represent the City, the department, or the organizational unit effectively in contacts with representatives of other agencies, City departments, and the public.

• Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the course of the work.

• Take a proactive approach to customer services issues.

• Make process improvement changes to streamline procedures.

• Work in a safe manner modeling correct City safety practices and procedures; coach others and enforce adherence to safety policies and procedures.

• Maintain confidentiality regarding sensitive information.

Skill in:

• Operating a personal computer and associated applications.

• Word processing and database management at a speed and accuracy sufficient to perform assigned work.

Experience and Training

Any combination of experience and training that would provide the required knowledge, skills, and abilities would be qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge, skills, and abilities would be:

Experience: Four years of progressively more responsible professional experience in municipal finance, with at least two years in a supervisory capacity.

Training: A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major coursework in accoutning, business administration, or a related field. A CPA certificate is preferred.

Licenses and Certificates All licenses and certificates must be maintained as a condition of employment. • Possession of, or ability to obtain, a valid appropriate CDL.
 Job Contact
 Contact Name:  Richard Lee  Primary Phone:  650-877-8512
 Title:  Director of Finance  Fax:  650-829-6658
 Company/Agency:  South San Francisco  Email:
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