Job: Director of Finance
 Job Title:  Director of Finance
 Position Type:  Full-Time
 Compensation/Salary:  $7,004.-8,939./mo.
 Job Code:  JXQ3763
 Posted On:  16 Jan 2013
 Deadline:  First application review date 1/25/13
 Company/Agency:  City of Madera
 Job Category:  CFO-Finance Dir-Asst's
 Location:  Madera, CA 
 Job Web Site:
 Job Description
  The Director of Finance is an integral part of the City’s
management team and serves at the will and pleasure of
the City Administrator. The Finance Department consists of
19 full time employees and 2 part time employees.
Under direction from the City Administrator, the incumbent
plans, manages, oversees and directs the operations and
services of the Finance Department, including utility billing,
business licensing, general accounting and expenditure
control. The incumbent also takes the lead role in preparation,
implementation and control of the City’s annual operating
and capital improvement budgets through the preparation
of budget detail, including forecasting revenues, expenditures,
and year-end balances. In addition the incumbent
is responsible for maintaining the City’s investment

Education: A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university
in accounting, business administration,economics or a related field.
Experience: Five years of broad and extensive experience in
professional municipal accounting, including at least three
years in a responsible management or supervisory capacity.
 Job Contact
 Contact Name:  Donna Bender  Primary Phone:  559-661-5401
 Title:  Human Resources Technician  Fax:  559-673-1655
 Company/Agency:  City of Madera  Email:
 Location:  Madera, CA  Contact Web Site: