Event: Training
-- Developing Successful Supervisory Skills --
 Start:  8:00 am- 16 Nov 2017 (Thu)
 Registration:  Closed
Cost:  $200.00
 Contact:  Csmfo Office
CSMFO Administration
 End:  4:00 pm- 16 Nov 2017 (Thu)
 Duration:  8.0 Hours
 Where?:  Aguroa Hills Recreation and Event Center
Agoura Hills, CA 
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Date: Thursday, November 16,  2017

Agoura Hills Recreation Center
29900 Ladyfact Ct
Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Cost: $200.00

Registration Deadline: November 9, 2017

Speaker: Neil Kupchin

This course is worth 6.5 cpe credits, and is limited to 25 attendees.

Session Outline

I. Introduction – The Effective & Successful Supervisor

  •  Overview of the Outline and Objectives
  • What makes an effective and successful supervisor?
  • Roles/responsibilities, Skills Sets and Expectations of Successful Supervisors
  • The 5 A’s of Successful Supervision: Ability, Availability, Accessibility, Approachability & Accountability
  • The 6 Critical Skills Successful Supervisors Need: Communication, Thinking, Administration, Influence, Interpersonal & Change Management

II. Situational Leadership – Identifying Supervisory & Leadership Styles

  •  Four Styles of Supervision: Directing, Coaching, Supporting, Delegating
  • Matching Supervisory Style to Employee Needs

III. Coaching & Counseling for Maximum Performance

  •  Five Step Coaching Process/Seven Step Counseling Process
  • One on One Meetings, Establishing Goals, Developmental Needs

IV. Effective Communication Styles and Behaviors

  •  Using Task and Process Communication Behaviors
  • Maximizing Your Communication Style/Value Added Changes to Make

V. Managing and Motivating Your Team

  • What Makes Teams Effective and Successful?
  • Team Development Model: Goals, Roles, Procedures, Relationships
  • How To Motivate/Praise/Recognize Your Team: 30 Ways to Motivate

VI. Win-Win Conflict Resolution & Management Skills

  •  Causes of Organizational Conflict
  • Intrapersonal Conflict Model
  • 5 Conflict Handling Methods: Competing, Collaborating, Compromising
  • Avoiding, Accommodating

VII. Summary & Review

  •  Summary and Review of Key Concepts
  • Application to On-The-Job Issues and Situations
 Name:  Aguroa Hills Recreation and Event Center
View Map:  View Map
 Contact:  Christy Pinuelas
 Address:  29900 Ladyfact Ct
Agoura Hills, CA 91301