Event: Training
-- Long Term Financial Planning (Afternoon) --
 Start:  1:00 pm- 11 Apr 2013 (Thu)
 Registration:  Closed
Cost:  $100.00
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 Contact:  Christy Pinuelas
Director of Finance
Agoura Hills
 End:  4:30 pm- 11 Apr 2013 (Thu)
 Duration:  3.5 Hours
 Where?:  City of Agoura Hills
Agoura Hills, CA 
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Long Term Financial Planning
Instructor: Bill Statler


Presented by Bill Statler, former Director of Finance & Information Technology for the City of San Luis Obispo, each of these half-day training programs will provide you with practical tools on how you can strengthen your agency’s financial condition and improve fiscal decision-making through the power of policies and long-term financial planning.
You can sign-up for this session on a “freestanding” basis: just the morning session on the Power of Fiscal Policies ($100); just the afternoon session on Long-Term Financial Planning ($100); or both sessions for $150.
Each Session is eligible for 4 hours of Continuing Education Credits.
Afternoon Session: 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Long-Term Financial Planning
In these challenging and ever-changing fiscal times, it seems like it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen next week, let alone next year – or even more daunting, five or ten years from now. So, why should local governments take the time and effort to prepare long-term financial plans? Stated simply, because making good resource decisions today requires taking into account their impact on your fiscal condition tomorrow. Developing good solutions requires knowing the size of the problem you are trying to solve: you can’t fix a problem you haven’t defined. And in this economic and fiscal environment, looking only one year ahead is almost certain to misstate the size and nature of the fiscal challenges ahead of you.This half-day session will provide insights on how long-term financial planning will help you better navigate the fiscal challenges ahead of your agency and provide practical tips on how to prepare meaningful forecasts in light of uncertainty about economic and fiscal trends. The session will also provide useful examples of how to prepare long-term financial plans and present the results to policy makers.
 Name:  City of Agoura Hills
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 Contact:  Front Desk
 Address:  30001 Ladyface Court
Agoura Hills, CA 91301