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Organization: Valley Water
Date Posted: 2/6/2020
Date Needed: 2/6/2020
City: San Jose
Location: California
Country: United States
Primary Category: CFO/Finance Director
Salary: $12,233.87 monthly
Type of Position: Full-Time
Education Requirement: Bachelor's
Experience Requirement: 5-10 years

Description & Details


$12,233.87 - $15,624.27 Monthly


Valley Water (District) seeks experienced, qualified applicants for the position of Financial Planning and Revenue Manager, a middle management position that reports to directly to the Chief Financial Officer. This position is responsible for leading the annual water charge setting process and long-term financial planning and modeling.

Financial Planning and Management Services (FPMS) is a business division under the Chief Executive Officer. FPMS is responsible for providing oversight, leadership, and strategic support to ensure effective and efficient financial planning and performance, the generation of cost efficiencies, and fiscal accountability district wide. The division consists of 4 units and 1 program: Treasury/Debt/Claims Management, Financial Planning and Revenue Collection, Budget and Financial Analyses, General Accounting, and the Continual Improvement program.
The Financial Planning and Revenue Manager will be responsible for leading a team to prepare the annual report on the Protection and Augmentation of Water Supplies, presenting the staff recommended groundwater charges and supporting financial information to the Board at public hearings, present water charge analysis to various stakeholder groups and committees, facilitate the internal water charge decision making process with executive management, recommend budget targets, and guide decisions on debt issuance and long term funding and lead special projects and studies.

In addition, this position will ensure that all invoices and billing statements are accurate, audited and sent according to a published schedule, and will supervise one program administrator, two senior management analysts, and three staff analysts.

Key Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Lead the preparation of the Protection and Augmentation of Water Supplies (PAWS) Report.
  • Develop and maintain water utility and watershed financial models and prepare water charge recommendations and budget targets.   
  • Prepare agenda memos and power point presentations for water charge setting process, benefit assessments, special tax, and special projects.
  • Present water charge, reserve level and financial sustainability information to the Board and other internal and external stakeholders and committees.
  • Oversee the daily revenue collection functions, operations and activities.

Closing Date for Applications: February 23, 2020

How to Apply / Contact

For detailed information regarding requirements and qualifications for this opening and to apply online, please see the job posting by clicking on the following link: